Click through to view SHS Group’s Bottlegreen Pink and Elderflower Tonic Waters

Click through to view SHS Group’s Bottlegreen Pink and Elderflower Tonic Waters

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SHS Group’s Bottlegreen Pink Tonic Water, Bottlegreen Elderflower Tonic Water

Category - Soft drinks, tonic water

Available - From this month

Location - UK, on- and off-trade, initially in Fuller’s managed pubs and selected branches of Sainsbury’s

Price - RRP of between GBP1.80 (US$2.70) and GBP2.20 per 17.5cl serving in on-trade, GBP3 for 4x17.5cl bottled in off-trade

Distribution - SHS Sales & Marketing

Bottlegreen has launched two flavoured tonic water variants in the UK. The pink and elderflower flavours will be available in both the on- and off-trade in the country.

Two years ago, Northern Ireland-based SHS Group, which owns the WKD and Merrydown drinks brands, purchased a majority - albeit unspecified - shareholding in Bottlegreen from private equity firm Piper.

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Bottlegreen Drinks, part of the SHS Drinks portfolio, is stepping up its development of bottlegreen as a premium, contemporary and sophisticated cocktail mixer with the launch of two bottlegreen-branded flavoured tonic waters – Pink Tonic Water and Elderflower Tonic Water.

Both of the new tonic waters draw their inspiration from bottlegreen’s popular cordial and sparkling pressé flavours, and they are packaged in 175ml glass bottles styled in the iconic, elegant shape instantly associated with the bottlegreen brand.  The bottlegreen Tonic Water bottles have an RRP* of £1.80 -£2.20 per bottle.

bottlegreen Pink Tonic Water will ring the changes by bringing a dash of colour to the classic G& T.  Billed as the ‘ultimate mixer for an evening cocktail or as a treat at the end of a long day’, bottlegreen Pink Tonic Water blends the contrasting flavours of sweet pomegranate with the bitterness of quinine and classic floral notes of elderflower.

bottlegreen’s Elderflower Tonic Water features the signature elderflower flavour for which the brand is renowned. A delicious blend of floral and botanicals, it has an instantly bitter note that releases into a lingering elderflower finish, providing a delicate twist to a traditional gin or vodka tonic or equally enjoyable as a drink on its own.

The two new lines have made their debut in selected Fuller’s managed pubs where they are being partnered with Tanqueray Gin on branded chalk boards and summer menus. Other POS items include gold-coloured branded swizzle sticks.

Nick Corden, Retail Marketing Manager at Fuller’s, says:  “Fuller’s Inns are excited to be partnering with both bottlegreen and Tanqueray Gin to be the first to launch this exciting new premium serve across our top 100 sites. This is a great opportunity to delight our customers with the coolest drink of the summer; gin and pink”

Simon Speers, Managing Director of Bottlegreen Drinks, says:  “These stylish and elegant mixers bring theatre to the mixer category. They perfectly enhance and augment high-end quality spirits and can also be enjoyed alone as refreshing soft drinks. 

“Their versatility makes them a natural extension to the bottlegreen range and their launch marks a significant stepping up of our programme to establish bottlegreen as the ultimate premium cocktail mixer.  As well as opening up new opportunities for the brand, the bottlegreen Tonic Waters will also bring a new, fresh and contemporary dimension to the £207.5 million mixer sector in pubs and clubs.”

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