In response to popular demand, Shiner Bock, the country's number-one selling Bock beer, has come to California. Shiner Bock's California entry means the brand is available coast-to-coast throughout the southern half of the United States. Shiner Bock made its blockbuster California debut this March in Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange County and will soon expand into Northern California. The brand's California entry was brought about by the groundswell of popular demand for Shiner Bock. The Spoetzl Brewery has received thousands of e-mails and letters -- both from transplanted Texans longing for a taste of home and Californians familiar with Shiner Bock's reputation -- all asking for the beer to be made available in the Golden State. Californians who e-mailed the brewery asking for Shiner Bock will receive information about their favorite beer through a year-long e-mail campaign. They can also win a free t-shirt by spreading the news to 10 of their friends and encouraging them to sign up for the Shiner e-mail newsletter. "Shiner Bock is the most popular Bock beer in the country, so it's no surprise that California consumers have been clamoring for us to make the beer available in their state," said Shiner brand manager Gary Hudman. "We've heard all the requests, and we're pleased to be able to satisfy them. With so much grassroots support, we're sure Shiner Bock will be a big hit in California." Shiner Bock is now available at hundreds of retail locations throughout Southern California and is on tap at many bars and restaurants in the area. For more information on where to find Shiner Bock in Southern California, consumers can visit