Despite the mild mannered sensibilities most Canadians are known topossess, Carlsberg has tapped into the more libertine side of Canucks, by promoting its beer using sex.A new television commercial features three attractive girls sitting in a bar, talking about a man one of the girls is dating, while the other two girls are pressuring her for details about the man's sexual performance.The woman happily obliges with suggestive hand movements demonstrating a sex act. The beer slogan "Welcome to your Carlsberg years" appears on the screen ending the ad.The advert has been aired in cinemas in major cities across Canada for the past six weeks at the beginning of R-rated (18 certificate) films and is scheduled to hit prime time television screens in September for the duration of the Olympics.This advert is the latest in a stream of risque beer commercials being shown to Canadian audiences.Heineken launched a TV ad featuring a seductive woman pouring a beer into a glass while a rather excited chap pours one for himself - on the quick side, resulting in the white frothy foam seeping over the glass. "Premature pour" appears on the screen.Monica Dobie