Authorities in Montreal have been baffled by a recent heist at a Seagram spirits warehouse, where over C$1.4m ($933,333) worth of alcohol was stolen.

The thieves loaded five tractor-trailers full of spirits and drove four of them away. The remaining trailer was left at the warehouse, in the west of the city, reported the Montreal Gazette.

Local police believe four or five men carried out the audacious robbery late in the evening.

One of the bandits was armed and threatened a 24-year-old security guard on duty that night. The guard was tied up and taken to a back storage room in the warehouse. Police estimate the thieves were on the scene for roughly three-and-a-half-hours.

The Montreal Urban Police said the gang was "well organised" but could not determine whether they were linked to any organised crime rings and said that the spirits could be released slowly onto the black-market, with the group waiting for a period of high demand.