The head of Scottish & Newcastle is to visit Copenhagen, the home of Carlsberg, tomorrow (23 November) to re-outline his attempts to defend the brewer from Carlsberg and Heineken's takeover attempt.

The UK brewer confirmed John Dunsmore's visit to just-drinks today. Dunsmore will deliver a similar presentation to the Danish media and analysts to the one he gave to the UK press in London earlier his week.

"We are responding to demand for further information in Denmark," the S&N spokesperson said.

On Tuesday, Dunsmore refered to Carlsberg as "our former colleagues". When asked if Dunsmore would be visiting Carlsberg's headquarters, also stationed in the Danish capital, the spokesperson said: "I think it's unlikely."

A spokesperson for Carlsberg told just-drinks today: "Mr Dunsmore has a very busy schedule. I believe he is leaving Copenhagen immediately after the press conference."