Around 30 of Scotland's craft distilleries have founded a trade body to help grow sales and lobby lawmakers.

The Scottish Craft Distillers Association (SCDA) said today (16 July) that it aims to represent members from across the spirits industry and share knowledge among the growing number of small distillers in Scotland. One of its aims will to provide a united front when discussing issues with politicians.

“As a group, we can lobby for the same duty levels as craft brewers, which would treble the size of this new industry overnight,” said Tony Reeman-Clark, chairman of SCDA and founding director of Strathearn Distillery. “We can also look to central purchasing, marketing and other similar cost saving options.”

Three of SCDA's members are already producing spirits, and it is hoped that each month a different member will start producing. “This will lead to a wider and more varied range of craft spirits - from whisky, gin and vodka to rum, calvados and liqueurs - being produced north of the border,” the association said.

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