UK brewer Scottish Courage is to introduce a new easy-to-use beer tap on its US draught lager, Miller, which it claims reduces wastage and creates a tight head, lasting all the way down the pint.

Bar staff pull a pint of Miller from the fount as normal, stopping 8ml from the top of the glass before pressing a gold button at the top of the fount to dispense the tight head from a second nozzle onto the pint.

According to Scottish Courage the whole pint-pouring process lasts 16 seconds from start to finish.

Kerr Arthur, marketing manager for Miller brands said: "Scottish Courage has developed this technology to tackle an age-old problem and bring draught lager into the 21st century.

"We set out to achieve greater head formation and retention and by separating the processes of pulling the pint and creating the head we have achieved that. The solution devised has major trade benefits and significantly enhances consumer appeal and these factors were clearly demonstrated in research."

The new fount and head injection tap (HIT) dispenser is currently being installed in bars with the rollout across existing Miller stockists due to be completed by October. A website for UK bar staff has also been designed to explain the HIT dispense process step-by-step (

Arthur added: "We are confident this initiative will add momentum to the growth of the Miller equity in the UK."

The launch will also be supported with extensive in-bar merchandising, point of sale promotion and PR.