Scottish Courage is introducing extra cold variants on its premium draught lager brands Kronenbourg 1664 and San Miguel and Strongbow cider.

From this month, the company will complete its extra cold line-up by extending the water-cooled fount pioneered on Foster's Super Chilled, Kronenbourg Blanc and John Smith's Extra Cold to Kronenbourg 1664 Cold Premiere and Strongbow Extra Cold.

In a statement, David Goadby, customer marketing director for Scottish Courage said: "Cold is the number 1 factor in determining drinker satisfaction and taste preference among beer and cider drinkers alike. Scottish Courage can now offer a complete portfolio of long alcoholic drinks (LADs) that are consistently dispensed at 3 degrees C .

"Cold variants are now sold in 37,000 UK bars, creating a new sub-sector which has added significant category value. They have performed particularly impressively in the standard lager sector, where they have driven a 2.5% sales increase over the part year, helping to reverse the long-held dominance of premium lager.

"We are confident that our enlarged cold portfolio will replicate this success in other sectors of the LADs market."