A vote on raising the minimum age for buying alcohol in shops to 21 is set to take place in the Scottish Parliament.

A debate will take place on 2 October and will include a vote, although the result will not be binding.  

The move is being seen as a symbolic victory for opponents of raising the drinking age, which is a central proposal of the ruling Scottish National Party's (SNP) strategy to tackle alcohol misuse.

Defeat looks likely for the SNP in next week's vote, with the second-largest party, Labour, joining the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in stating its opposition.

Earlier this week, a petition containing 10,000 names was handed to Scottish MPs by the student-led Coalition Against Raising the Drinking Age in Scotland (Cardas).

Tom French, founder of the group, called the proposal a "political stunt". He told just-drinks in an interview last week that the plan "infringes on the rights of young people".

The SNP claims the measure is necessary to reduce alcohol-related crime on Scotland's streets.