The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) has expressed its frustration at the collapse of World Trade Organisation talks.

Speaking after the collapse of the talks in Geneva last night (29 July), SWA spokesperson David Williamson told just-drinks: "No-one was under any illusions that progress in Geneva would be easy but the breakdown in talks is very disappointing."

He added: "An ambitious trade round could have resulted in more reasonable tariffs and simplified customs rules, supporting export growth and boosting the WTO system against protectionist pressures."

Scotch whisky makers have long protested against what they regard as unreasonable, and in some cases illegal, import tariffs on their products.

The DOHA round of World Trade Organisation talks has repeatedly broken down since it began in 2001. Countless deadlines have been missed, but hopes had risen in the most recent round after the US and EU appeared to reach agreement on cutting certain agricultural tariffs.

However, further disagreements between the US, China and India are understood to have punctured hopes of a final agreement.