Scotch is entering another "golden era", it has been claimed

Scotch is entering another "golden era", it has been claimed

Nine out of ten bottles of Scotch whisky produced are now exported, while the industry has reached its third “golden era”, a business advisory firm has claimed. 

The Scotch whisky industry is generating sales of GBP4.5bn a year, according to Grant Thornton.“Analysts believe the sector is now starting to go through its third ‘golden era’ with sales and brand equity reaching all time highs,” said Debbie Mayor, the firms corporate finance associate director. 

But she warned: "European and American markets continue to drive much of the demand for the drink...the focus must now shift towards the very markets that are aiming to compete with us."

Scotch's "golden eras" are disputed. However, some regard the category's first “golden” era as the 1950s, with a second major boom witnessed in the 1970s.  

The third "golden era" began last year, Grant Thornton suggests. “One year on, the trends are showing that it’s true and we’re witnessing a real growth in the sector,” a spokesperson said. 

Last month, the Scotch Whisky Association released figures on the sub-category's sales in export markets