The Scotch Whisky Association has secured a temporary injunction in India against two companies accused of passing off their local whisky as Scotch. 

A district court in Goa has temporarily banned Glenmon Distillers & Vintners and Imperial Distillers & Vintners from referring to their whiskies as Scotch. In addition, neither can promote their whisky using the word 'glen' in part or all of a tradename. 

The Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) said today (22 December) that it secured the temporary injunction on 16 December. The case is continuing at court, with both Indian firms contesting the allegations that they have passed off their whisky as genuine Scotch. 

Granting the injunction, the court ruled: "In the present case the brand name appears to have been dishonestly adopted by the defendants." It said that the two firms have misled consumers. 

Glen Barclay, director of legal affairs at the SWA, said: "We will continue to pursue the action in Goa to seek a permanent order against the companies.”

Earlier this year, India granted Scotch whisky geographical indication of origin status. However, the case in Goa began before this development, according to the SWA.