Tango, the UK's flavoured carbonates drink by Britvic, has launched a creative education pack in schools across the country, challenging students to write their own advertisements, with the opportunity to have their one-minute Tango advert broadcast on radio.

The curriculum-based Tango Ad Game will target Tango's key 16- to 18-year-old audience, taking them through the advertising industry with seven stages of activities as well as winning a day at Tango's advertising agency in London.

"The Tango Ad Game gives an insider's view of the advertising industry, taking students through the brainstorming and creative processes to evaluation and using acclaimed Tango advertisements as real examples," said Britvic's director of brand marketing, Cathryn Sleight.

The Tango Ad Game pack contains teaching notes, worksheets and a Tango advertising video, designed for media and business students and comes on the back of the highly successful project Fizzz-it for 14- to 16-year-olds, now being relaunched.