Click through to view Sazeracs updated Chila Orchata

Click through to view Sazerac's updated Chila 'Orchata

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Sazerac has lined up a packaging update for its Chila ‘Orchata flavoured rum brand.

The US-based spirits firm said late last month that new labelling for the cinnamon cream rum, which will roll out nation-wide in March, will “reinforce” its brand name. The packaging, which can be viewed by clicking through on the image on the right, has been redesigned to emphasise the word 'Chila'.

“We found our consumers were affectionately calling it ‘Chila’ so we re-designed the label to strengthen the ‘Chila’ brand name,” said brand director Lori Logan.

Horchata is the name of several kinds of traditional Latin American beverages, made of ground almonds, sesame seeds, rice, barley, or tigernuts (chufas). It is best known as rice milk, flavoured with cinnamon.

Chila ‘Orchata is made with imported rum from the Virgin Islands and dairy cream. The 13.75% abv drink retails at around US$14.99 per 75cl bottle.

In October, Sazerac acquired a bottling plant in Maine from Beam Inc for an undisclosed sum.