Click through to view Santa Ritas Bougainville 2010

Click through to view Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010

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Santa Rita's Bougainville 2010

Category - Wine, Chile, red, 14.5% abv

Available - From this month

Location - Globally, in limited quantities. Key markets are US, Brazil, Canada, UK, focused on on-trade and independent retail

Price - RRP of US$60 per 75cl bottle

Chilean winery Santa Rita has launched an addition to Chile’s burgeoning icon wines category. Santa Rita's Bougainville, named after the giant plant on the winery's Maipo estate, is a blend of Petite Sirah and Syrah.

“It’s a unique wine,” said Hector Torres, director of the luxury portfolio of wines at Santa Rita. “Nobody else has this in Chile or South America. It’s a chance to do something completely new.”

Although the grape is growing in Chile, it still accounts for just 188 hectares in the country, around a quarter of which are owned by Santa Rita.

Production of Bougainville, which comes from a 2-hectare vineyard in the Upper Maipo valley, will be in the region of 950 cases for sale worldwide, with the US, Brazil and Canada likely to get the majority of exports.