San Miguel the Philippine-based beverage conglomerate is set for a major boost from its investor Kirin, the Japanese beer maker, according to an analysts report.

This was the assessment made by UBS Warburg in a research report cited by San Miguel in a statement late Thursday.
A report by UBS Warburg, the investment bank, said recent acquisitions by San Miguel were beginning to bear fruit.

The report said increased working capital efficiency, improved product positioning and better logistics are expected to boost shareholder returns following San Miguel's recent investments in the food and carbonated-drink businesses.

The report went on to say that the 15% stake Kirin had taken in the company would see additional capital for further beneficial acquisitions.

"San Miguel should once again have over $1 billion in investable funds after Kirin's planned capital infusion," said the report. "San Miguel's track record shows the company's ability and speed at concluding even the more complicated deals."