Click through to view Salentein Family of Wines Callia Bella Syrah/Malbec 2012

Click through to view Salentein Family of Wines' Callia Bella Syrah/Malbec 2012

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Salentein Family of Wines' Callia Bella Syrah/Malbec 2012

Category - Wine, red, Argentina, Syrah Malbec blend,13% abv

Available - From this month

Location - UK, on- and off-trade

Price - RSP of GBP7.99 (US$12.30) per 75cl bottle

Distribution - On-trade distribution via Matthew Clark, off-trade sold direct

Salentein Family of Wines has started rolling out a Syrah/Malbec blend in the UK from its Bodegas Callia winery in Argentina. Callia Bella Syrah/Malbec 2012 was launched in the US late last year and will be available in the UK from this month.

The sweet red wine comprises 60% Syrah to 40% Malbec and is made from grapes grown in the Tulum and Pedernal vallies near the Andes Mountains.

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Argentinian winery Bodegas Callia, sister winery of Bodegas Salentein, has launched its Callia Bella Syrah / Malbec 2012, adding a sweeter wine alternative to its current portfolio. 

Vivaciously red in colour, the Callia Bella sweet red blend is 60% Syrah and 40% Malbec. Typical of Syrah, the appearance of ripe figs, cinnamon and liquorice on the nose, as well as the rich red fruits such as plums and sour cherries, emblematic of Malbec. 

The Bodegas Callia winery and vineyards are positioned across two valleys; the Tulum Valley covering 241 hectares and set 650m above sea level, and the Pedernal Valley, spanning 300 hectares at 1300m, surrounded by the Andes Mountains. The growing conditions here, with its temperatures and low rainfall, produce intense and fruity characteristics in the wine.

Harvested between February and mid-March, the Callia Bella Syrah / Malbec 2012 is effortless to drink; it’s crisp and has a sweet hint with a smooth consistency. The grapes are processed immediately after harvest to preserve optimal conditions, evident in the high quality of the wine. 

Commenting on the launch of the wine, Robert Bruijnzeels UK Regional Manager at Salentein Family of Wines, said: “Recent studies have suggested that wines with sweeter profiles are in demand to match the change in UK consumer taste profiles. We think the Callia Bella Syrah Malbec is suited to this profile and initial feedback following its launch at this year’s London International Wine Fair suggests it will do well, particularly with the younger wine consumer. We’re looking forward to introducing the wine to our customer base.”

The Callia Bella Syrah / Malbec 2012 is available in a 75cl format and will have an RSP of £7.99.

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