Coming only a day after the distribution rights for Absolut vodka were sealed, news from Sweden suggests the future of its producer, Vin & Sprit, will remain with the Swedish state, at least for the time being.

Since Christmas, it has looked as if the state-run alcohol producer might be privatised, despite opposition to the move by the government. A backbenchers motion proposed selling the business and the bill, surprisingly, gained a majority of support in parliament.

But according to reports in, the Green Party, one of the non-government parties, this morning unexpectedly changed policy tack, giving the government a firm majority against the bill to sell.

Although still in overall favour of a sell-off, the Greens have said they want more information on all state-owned companies. But despite backing the government in rejecting a sale in next month's vote, the party may still push for privatisation at a later date.

Per Lager, joint leader of the Green Party parliament group told Foodwire: "We have been of the opinion that we could sell eventually, but not right now. But we feel that Vin & Sprit is one of the companies which could be sold."