Sainsburys has been banned from selling strong lager, beer and cider at one of its London stores.

Speaking to just-drinks today (16 October), a spokesperson from the UK retail chain confirmed that all lager, beer and cider over 5.5% ABV has been removed from the shelves of its Sainsburys local store in Ealing, West London.

The order, reportedly imposed by town hall chiefs and police was enforced following speculation that cheap supermarket-bought alcohol fuels violence and vandalism.

The spokesperson said: "We're in the process of deciding how we'll deal with things, the drink has been removed from the shelves already."

An employee from the Sainsburys local store in West Ealing confirmed that the matter was being handled legally and that the store was situated in a controlled drinking zone, where police can confiscate alcohol.

The news follows the journal of the Institute for Public Policy Research think-tank suggesting the country should consider increasing the age consumers can legally drink at to 21, in light of a nation that has "lost the plot" regarding alcohol regulation.

The organisation also suggested that 18-year-olds should carry smart cards recording their level of alcohol consumption each night, as well as making it an offence to serve alcohol to anyone under 21 who had already consumed more than three units beforehand.