Alan Clark said SABMiller will continue work on the creation of CCBA

Alan Clark said SABMiller will continue work on the creation of CCBA

SABMiller's CEO has said lessons learned from the delay over its African Coca-Cola bottler could help Anheuser-Busch InBev navigate its own regulatory hurdles on the continent.

Yesterday, A-B InBev secured the purchase of SABMiller for around GBP71bn (US$107.3bn). However, the Budweiser owner still has to gain permission for the deal from a number of anti-trust authorities, including South Africa's.

SABMiller, meanwhile, has been waiting since early March for authorities in South Africa to greenlight the creation of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa (CCBA), which will be made up of bottling operations in 12 markets across southern and east Africa.

Speaking after the release of Q3 results today, CEO Alan Clark said the company is doing a review on lessons it can learn from the CCBA creation and will work with A-B InBev on “the role that we can play and how we can assist” in gaining approval from regulators.

Clark added: “I'm not predicting it will lead to a different outcome [for A-B InBev]. [But] we are trying to understand how one would handle that differently.”
Clark said that all parties involved in CCBA “remain committed to closing that deal” despite the A-B InBev agreement and that he expects the bottler to be “up and running sometime in the next few months”.

“What happens next - assuming the closure of the SABMiller and A-B InBev agreement - that's for the parties at that point to discuss and decide, but as long as we're involved we continue to forge ahead with anti-trust clearance and the integration programme,” Clark said.