SABMiller says the money will support democracy.

SABMiller says the money will support democracy.

SABMiller is to fund South Africa's six main political parties ahead of next year's general election.

The brewer said this week the ZAR9m (US$980,000) injection will help develop South Africa's political system. The money will be distributed in proportion to the parties' seats in the National Assembly, SABMiller said.

SABMiller's outgoing CEO, Graham Mackay, said: “Political progress will remain vital to (South Africa's) continued stability and growth but this progress requires funding and significant human resources. This is an extremely important cause and it deserves our support.”

SABMiller said it contributed ZAR5m in the run-ups to the 1999, 2004 and 2009 elections.

“This year’s higher donation value follows a number of years of double-digit inflation in South Africa,” the company said.

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