• Brewer to build on strong early sales
  • Will expand range of beers available
  • Soft drinks capacity to rise five-fold
White Bull lager proves a winner for SABMiller

White Bull lager proves a winner for SABMiller

SABMiller will double beer production and increase soft drinks capacity by more than five times at its brewery in Southern Sudan in order to build on early sales momentum in the province.

Beer production capacity will rise from 180,000 to 350,000 hectolitres per year by the end of 2010, SABMiller confirmed today (20 August). It also announced a planned five-fold increase in soft drinks capacity, to 320,000 hectolitres from the current 60,000 limit.

The brewer said that it would expand its range of beers on sale in Southern Sudan, following strong early sales momentum from its facility in the capital city of Juba.

"Many people questioned our logic in building not only the first brewery that Southern Sudan had seen for 50 years but also the first manufacturing facility in Juba," said the managing director of SABMiller's Southern Sudan Beverages Ltd, Ian Alsworth-Elvey. "However, the business has had a very warm welcome to the country and our beer, soft drinks and water brands have found real traction with consumers."
SABMiller already sells White Bull lager and Chairman's Extra Strong beer in Southern Sudan. It will add Nile Special lager and Club Pilsner to these two in the semi-autonomous province.

"We have sold more beer in the first three months of our second year of operation than we did in the first nine months since production began," said Alsworth-Elvey. Sales of Club Minerals carbonated soft drinks and Source Pure water have also been strong, the firm added.

Separately, SABMiller said yesterday that it planned to gain full control of Accra Brewery in Ghana.