SABMillers Fosters Group to lose Asahi deal in Australia

SABMiller's Foster's Group to lose Asahi deal in Australia

Foster's Group has lost the rights to Japanese beer brand Asahi following the Australian company's acquisition by SABMiller.

Asahi said that from 2 April it would transfer Australian distribution, sales and marketing for Asahi Super Dry to Independent Distillers, the Australian contract brewer it agreed to purchase in August last year.

In December, Foster's lost the right to distribute Anheuser-Busch InBev's Stella Artois to Kirin-owned competitor Lion, which already distributed A-B InBev's Beck’s and Budweiser in Australia.

The moves are believed to have been prompted by change-of-control provisions in the distribution contracts, which were triggered by the SABMiller's takeover of Foster's late last year.

Foster’s has so far held onto Grupo Modelo’s Corona, the biggest premium imported beer brand in the Australian market, with a 34% volume share of that segment.