Australia introduced the alcopops tax in 2008

Australia introduced the alcopops tax in 2008

Australia's tax on RTDs has seen consumption drop by about a third as young people move towards spirits mixed with soft drinks, according to local reports.

Consumption in the category has fallen by 30% since the tax was introduced in 2008, the Australian Financial Review reported on Saturday (20 October). At the same time, spirits consumption increased by about 20% and wine by about 8%, it was reported. 

The tax, aiming to cut alcohol-related problems, increased the price of alcoholic RTDs by about 70% from AUD39.36 (US$40.62) per litre of alcohol to AUD66.67. 

"Young people switched from alcopops to straight spirits and just mixed their own," the Institute of Public Affairs policy director Tim Wilson was quoted as saying.

The Australian government is currently considering a minimum price on alcohol, but is facing fierce industry opposition.