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RSG Trading's Russian Diamond Vodka 

Category - Spirits, vodka, 40% abv 

Available - From this month 

Location - US on- and off-trade - initial launch in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, distributed by MS Walker, and New Jersey, distributed by Allied Beverage Group, followed by national roll out by next spring. Also being rolled out to UK, Russia, Spain, Germany and Switzerland, and Travel Retail. 

Price - US$24.99 per 75cl bottle 

Distribution - Dun Beverage Partners (US); Travel Retail - Haleybrooke International

Fledgling Russian spirits group RSG Trading is launching a new vodka brand in the US this month.  

Russian Diamond Vodka, with an abv of 40%, is a wheat & rye blend, produced at one of Russia’s oldest distilleries, Rodnik, in Moscow. 

Andrey Moskovskiy, RSG Trading's commercial export director claims the brand will "revolutionise the category and perception of Russian vodka". 

After the US lauch, the brand will be rolled out to the UK, Russia, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Travel Retail.