Pink is the colour for bars and restaurants

Pink is the colour for bars and restaurants

One in ten bottles of wine bought in UK bars and restaurants is now rosé, as the country's love affair with 'pink' wine continues to flourish, new figures show.

Rosé wine bucked a decline in sales for red and white wines in the UK on-trade for the year to the end of April, according to figures from the Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

Bottles of rosé accounted for a tenth of on-trade wine sales, having risen by 18% and 21% in volume and value respectively over the 12 months, the WSTA said today (13 July).

The figures come in spite of more consumers choosing to drink at home and are further evidence that rosé has established itself as a credible alternative to red and white wines in the UK.

Sales of red wine in restaurants and bars fell by 4% in volume and were flat in value. White wine sales slipped by 7% in volume and 5% in value, although still accounted for more than half of all on-trade wine sales.

"Given the fact that sales of other wines in bars, clubs and restaurants are down over the course of the past year the big rise in rosé is all the more striking," said WSTA chief executive, Jeremy Beadles. "No doubt the recent good weather will have continued to boost its popularity."

However, rosé growth has been slower in the off-trade, with volume sales up 2% and by 5% in value terms over the past year. Pink wines accounted for 13% of the off-trade wine market by volume.

Higher priced red wine performed the best in the off-trade over the 12 months, with value sales up 9% on the previous year.

"The growth in the GBP6 (US$9.10) to GBP7 and GBP9 to GBP10 price ranges does suggest that while consumers may be cutting back on spending elsewhere, the attraction of a better bottle of wine at home is tempting wine drinkers to spend a little more," said Beadles.