Ritorna Natural is introducing a line of sports drinks to the US market.

The New Jersey-based company said yesterday (24 July) that the drinks, Liv Berry and Liv Lemon, had been designed for athletes, active adults and children. The drink is a carbohydrate-based electrolyte drink that contains no artificial ingredients

Nancy Dince, COO of Ritorna Natural, said: "Our timing is optimum with increased public discussion of obesity in America and current legislation for healthier school guidelines for beverages. Our early interest among retailers, food management companies and serious athletes is phenomenal. The key to our success will be guiding consumers through the misleading advertising of so many sports drink contenders."

LIV is made with agave nectar, a natural, unprocessed source of sugar that the body breaks down more slowly, the company said. Ritorna claims that agave nectar is an improvement on the much-used high-fructose corn syrup, which is an artificial sweetener. "High- fructose corn syrup is utilised in virtually all processed foods and beverages, because it is inexpensive," Ritorna said.

The drink also contains rice syrup, a source of carbohydrate with neutral flavour. Each eight-ounce serving contains 70 calories. The two flavours will be available in 20-ounce bottles and will retail at between US$2-3.

Liv joins flagship beverage The Natural Recovery Drink in Ritorna's portfolio.