Rioja has become the first Spanish wine region to create an interprofessional committee, after new provisions in the Spanish Wine Law.

The Rioja Regulatory Council has announced the creation of the Organizacion Interprofesional del Vino de Rioja, which will include all producer and grower associations in the region for the first time.

The OIPVR will seek to promote the development of the DO through the harmonization of inter-sectoral interests and the appropriate planning of its production structure and long-term commercial and promotional strategies, the Rioja Wine Information Centre said in a statement.

The Control Board will maintain its public role and the day-to-day management of the DO.

The board of the OIPVR will be made up of representatives of the six winemaking and nine grower associations in Rioja, who will also sit on the board of the Regulatory Council. Victor Pascual Artacho has been appointed president for two years.

Decision-making will follow a voting procedure based on the economic status of each winery or grower. An overall majority of 75% of the votes with a minimum 50% majority within each sector will be required to pass each decision.

"The new committee is a culmination of 20 years hard work," said Tom Perry, a spokesman for the region. "We a re confident that by involving both wineries and growers in decision making for the region, the Rioja Regulatory Council can ensure long-term stability for the region and regulate fluctuations in supply and demand."