After last year's strong harvest and the corresponding fall in grape prices, Rioja wine sales continue to soar both in Spain and in the international market place

Sales for the first quarter of the year reached 59.7m litres, up 24.68% on the first three months of the previous year. Sales in the Spanish domestic market grew by 28% to 44.8m litres while exports shipments increased by 16% to 14.9m litres.

As one would expect, most growth has come from the young non-aged wines segment with an increase of 29% to just under 32m litres. However as the lower prices begin to affect the crianza sector, crianzas also enjoyed a healthy performance growing by 24% to 21.5m litres. Reservas reached 5.5m litres, up 7.5% for the quarter whereas Gran Reservas grew by 12% to just over a million litres.