Norway-based Ringnes Brewery has launched two low-carb beers into its domestic market.

The beers, Ringnes Lite and Tuborg Lite, contain 30% less calories and 70% less carbohydrates than standard beers, the brewer said.

"While the market for low-carb beers in the US continues to grow, in Norway this is a completely new segment," a Ringnes spokesman told just-drinks today (6 February).

"We have strong hopes for the success of Ringnes Lite and Tuborg Lite. There is now a market for low-carb beers as Norwegians shift to the consumption of healthier drinks, including zero sugar soft drinks, which are viewed as vital for more active lifestyles," the spokesman said.

The launch of two low-carb beers formed part of a broader roll-out of nine new products by Ringnes. The company also launched Imsdal Lime & Fibre, Norway's first functional bottled water product.

Ringnes is the Norwegian arm of Danish brewing giant Carlsberg.