Japanese company, Suzuran International is to spend US$2.6m on a full-scale production plant in Australia for traditional Japanese rice wine, Sake.After spending US$570,000 setting up a test plant with the help of G Patritti & Co, the family winery where Two Dogs lemonade was first produced, and a test run of 50,000 bottles, Suzuran has decided to build its new operation in Adelaide and is expecting exports to reach US$4m in the first 3 years.Australian managing director, Yoshi Tatewaki said the company had looked outside Japan because of the high costs of production in the country. Rice is one-tenth of the cost in Australia and yet the finished product could still sell for up to $30 a bottle in Japan.Geoff Patritti, managing director G Patritti & Co, said he had enjoyed working with the Suzuran team and he hoped Suzuran's founders in Japan would consider importing his company's wines.