Rhone Valley Wines will run several promotions in the US throughout 2014

Rhone Valley Wines will run several promotions in the US throughout 2014

The US division of trade organisation Rhone Valley Wines has unveiled a three-pronged campaign targeting the US market.

The organisation said late last week that the push will promote its member's wines across the media, trade and consumer channels in the country. Financial details behind the campaign were not disclosed.

The media aspect will offer sampling opportunities as well as “targeted pitches” to the US press that focus on the wine region's sub-regions and appellations. A media event entitled 'The Rhone Poetry Slam', featuring two “renowned poets”, will also be held in New York. 

A social media push will see @GetRhone launched as a Twitter handle, while the organisation's Facebook presence will be “reinvigorated”.

In June, 'The Rhone Sensorial Dinners' will be held in New York for press and trade guests, while a dinner series will cover the wider US from May to September. Finally, trade partners will be invited to a range of events in the year, including an expert panel seminar in San Francisco, a Sous-Chef dinner in New York, northern and southern Rhone 'Master Classes' in Boston and Houston, as well as a Rhone Valley Wines 'Sommelier of the Year' competition in New York.

The campaign will be supported by a wine-tasting offering in 400 wine stores nation-wide, with 45 restaurants in Washington DC, Denver and Chicago pushing a wines-by-the-glass feature during the Spring.

Last year, the Rhone Valley region posted a lift in exports in both value and volume terms for 2012, with the US being the largest market in value terms.