Click through to view Rexams new innovations

Click through to view Rexam's new innovations

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Rexam has launched a range of can ends that change colour to indicate when a beverage is at the right temperature to drink.

The can maker said today (8 May) that the thermochromic printed ends are an industry first and help boost “interactivity between the consumer, the drinking occasion and the brand”. The company has also unveiled photochromic ink that changes colour in daylight.

“These two new innovations will keep our customers at the forefront of can design,” a Rexam spokesperson said. “Photochromic ink is well timed at the start of summer for brands that associate themselves with the outdoors, while the development of thermochromic printed ends takes can design and thermochromic indication to a new level.”

The printed ends are available in 12 different colours in all Rexam markets, the company said. The indicator can be seen by consumers when the can is stored in the fridge door or horizontally on the shelf.

In 2010, Molson Coors launched a Coors Light can that turned partly blue when at the correct temperature.