Remy Cointreau is back on the acquisition trail

Remy Cointreau is back on the acquisition trail

Rémy Cointreau is in talks to take majority control of family-owned Cognac producer Larsen.

The French company, which completed the acquisition of Scotch whisky producer Bruichladdich in early-September, said late today (31 October) that it has started negotiations with the family to buy a majority shareholding in Larsen. The Cognac manufacturer, formed in 1926 by Norwegian Jens Reidar Larsen, has “built up inventories of aged eaux-de-vie that enables the company to guarantee the quality of its production and optimise its purchasing power”, Remy said.

Larsen is “one of the last independent producers of AOC Cognac, of a significant size, with a unique range of prestigious products”, Remy noted.

No date was given for a conclusion to the discussions.

Remy Cointreau owns the Remy Martin Cognac brand.