Remy-Cointreau, the French drinks group, considered one of the front-runners for brands spun-off after the Seagram sale has indicated it may not be that interested by what is on offer.

Speaking to, Remy-Cointreau chairman and chief executive Dominique Heriard Dubreuil, said from what she has seen, there are not that many brands the company is interested in. She added that although, "it would depend on the price tag" she was unsure if Remy's growth would come from the brands currently on offer.

She said: "We have a number of strategic points that are vital for us, any move we make will have to increase distribution as this is key to driving brand growth. Also any move has to enhance cash flow."

Dubreuil also indicated that a strategy based on acquisitions was not the only plan Remy was considering to achieve growth. She said: "We have financial ratios we want to keep. So we have not seen growth only in terms of buying but in terms of partnership."

She added that although external growth was important, "organic growth can be and is ambitious. It's a balance of both that makes growth in the long term."

Seagram's spirits and wine division was acquired by a joint bid between Diageo and Pernod Ricard before Christmas. Although Diageo has not indicated which brands it is likely to sell on, it is thought that Pernod Ricard will sell Four Roses Bourbon, Sandeman and Passport Scotch whisky.