Red Bull is taking part in the review

Red Bull is taking part in the review

Red Bull has called for Western Australia to drop its on-trade ban on mixing energy drinks with alcohol as the state reviews its liquor laws.

The Austria-based company said in a submission to a review committee there is “no clear scientific basis” for the ban, which was introduced to hotels, bars and clubs in 2010. “The current balance of evidence does not support a harmful toxicological or behavioural interaction between caffeine and alcohol,” Red Bull Australia regulatory affairs manager Zac Rich told just-drinks today (25 June).

The submission, which was quoted in Perth's Sunday Times and confirmed to just-drinks by Rich, also said the high price of Red Bull and alcohol discouraged high consumption.

According to local reports, Western Australia is looking at 84 submissions, including Red Bull's 122-page report, in a review of its Liquor Control Act.

The submissions include a push by the Drug and Alcohol Office to ban alcohol advertising near schools and a demand from WA city of Cockburn for the legal drinking age to be raised to 21, unless alcohol abuse by young people declines by 2018, Perth Now reported at the weekend.

Western Australia was the first state in the country to implement an energy drinks and alcohol ban, but the national food regulators have previously raised concerns over their use.