The controversial energy drink Red Bull has entered the list of the US's top 10 carbonated soft drink companies for the first time in 2001, according to data released yesterday.
According to research compiled by Beverage Digest and contributing editor John Maxwell, Coca-Cola Co is still the top carbonated soft drink company with a 43.7% market share, but the good news for Coke all but ended there.

Both Coca-Cola's volume and Coke Classic's volume fell last year, according to the list.  Coca-Cola's volume dropped 0.2% and Coke Classic's volume fell 2%.

Meanwhile arch-rival PepsiCo Inc.'s Pepsi-Cola Co posted a 1.3% climb in volume, driven by Diet Pepsi.

Overall, the industry posted a 0.6% climb in volume, Beverage Digest/Maxwell said, well below growth rates of the 1990s. However it is up from 2000's 0.2% rise.
The carbonated soft drink companies' rankings were much he same as last year, except for the continuing rise of Red Bull. The energy drink producer, based in Austria, came in as the No. 8 carbonated soft drink company in terms of market share. with 0.1%. Its volume more than doubled last year, to 10.5m cases.

Beverage Digest/Maxwell is an industry newsletter and data service whose annual rankings of the industry are watched closely by the industry every year.