The Spring Water Group Ltd has announced record full year results for 2000, up 12% to $19.2m from $17.1m in 1999.

The company also recorded an increase of 8.4% in revenue to a record $69.3m from $63.9m last year. And driven by its home and office water business the company's operating results achieved an increase of 9.4% in water revenues over 1999 on a unit volume increase of 14.9%.

Chairman of Sparkling Spring, John Krediet said: "I am pleased with the results for 2000. They reflect a solid performance. I am particularly pleased with our organic customer growth of 12,000 rental customers up 9.5% over our beginning rental base.

"In the year 2001 we plan to focus our efforts on further increasing our internal customer growth and we also plan to resume acquisition activity as market opportunities arise," he added.

Sparkling Spring is based in Vancouver, Canada and distributes bottled water to the home and office segment. The company also has businesses in the UK and US.