Rebbl said it will use the money to grow its team and fund new R&D

Rebbl said it will use the money to grow its team and fund new R&D

Rebbl, a US producer of coconut-milk drinks, has won US$20m in investment after seeking new funds to help grow its business and portfolio.

The company, which closed its funding drive on Friday, said investment was led by venture capitalist CAVU Venture Partners. It was not immediately clear if CAVU now owns part of Rebbl, however management welcomed the group to the "Rebbl family" and said that CAVU co-founder Clayton Christopher would join its board. Christopher is a co-founder of Sweet Leaf Tea and Deep Eddy Vodka.

Rebbl said the money will be used to expand its team, increase marketing spend and enhance research and development. The company produces a range of functional drinks with a coconut milk base and flavoured with herbs. It is also partnered with charity Not For Sale, which fights global human trafficking, and makes a 2.5% donation of net sales of every bottle.

"We've long admired Rebbl not just for its exceptional products, but also for its mission to make a real difference in the world," said Christopher. "Rebbl has disrupted the functional beverage space while simultaneously highlighting the positive impact an innovative social enterprise can have on our world."

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