Champs-Alizé Rose & Strawberry

Champs-Alizé Rose & Strawberry

Quintessential Brands' Champs-Alizé 

Category - Sparkling wine infusion, 5.5% abv

Available - From this week

Location - UK with other markets to follow "in the months ahead"

Price - RRP GBP3 (US$3.99) per 20cl single-serve bottles 

Quintessential Brands has launched a sparkling wine infusion under its Alizé brand. Champs-Alizé comes in two flavours – Passion Fruit and Rose & Strawberry. The company said the launch aims to tap into "the growing trend for sparkling wine and the growing popularity of wine-based cocktails amongst the target audience of young professional women".

Champs-Alizé will be available in both the on- and off-premise, with the company highlighting the importance of the Christmas trading season. 

Quintessential acquired the Alizé brand in 2015, from French American Vintners.

Last week, Quintessential lined up a new look and new recipe for its Greenall's Sloe Gin brand

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