The South American brewer Quilmes Industrial (Quinsa) S.A last week announced the volumes for the fourth quarter and full year 2004.

Total soft drink volumes increased 13.5% in the fourth quarter to 2.14m hectolitres, while full year volumes were up 11% to 6.77m hl. Total beer volumes reached 4.9m hl for the fourth quarter, up 4.1% and 15.37m hl for the full year, growth of 7.8%.

In Argentina full year beer volumes reahed 10.4m hl for the full year, a growth of 5.2%. Soft drinks reached 6.5m hl up 10%.

In Bolivia, beer volumes for the year were up 16.3% to 2.14m hl. In Chile, beer volumes reached 380,000 hl a fall of 9.3%.  In Paraguay, beer volumes junped 13.8% to 1.83m hl for the full year.

Finally, in Uruguay, beer volumes jumped 33.3% to 593,000 hl anf soft drinks reached 279,000 hl up 43.1% on last year.