Quilmes Industrial (Quinsa) S.A. (NYSE:LQU; "Quinsa" or the "Company") today announced that its subsidiary Quilmes International (Bermuda) Ltd. ("QIB") has closed the sale of its 57.97 % equity stake in Paraguay Refrescos S.A. ("Paresa") to Coca-Cola Interamerican Corporation ("CIAC"). CIAC intends to make an offer to acquire from minority shareholders the remaining outstanding shares of Paresa, a Paraguayan corporation that produces, bottles and distributes Coca-Cola® and other soft drinks under license from The Coca Cola Company in the territory of the Republic of Paraguay. Under the terms of the transaction, QIB has received cash payment of US$ 63.9 million. This payment, which is subject to certain post-closing price adjustments, is in addition to a dividend of US$ 1.6 million that QIB received from Paresa shortly before the closing. Furthermore, certain property and other assets not directly related to the soft drinks business of Paresa with a total book value of approximately US$ 4 million, were excluded from the sale. Net profit after tax related to the sale amounts to approximately US$ 27.6 million (subject to post-closing price adjustments), and has been accounted for as Other Income. As of the third quarter 2000, the Company has effectively terminated its soft drinks business in Paraguay. Paresa's operating highlights are as follows: