Pyramid Breweries (Nasdaq:PMID) has selected Seattle-based DNA Brand Mechanics as its partner in developing and refining the positioning for the Pyramid brand, as well as in creating more effective consumer communication strategies. "We selected DNA because of their expertise in brand positioning and marketing strategy, their innovative approach to research, and the energy and enthusiasm they have for the category. We are very excited to be working with DNA," said Amy Hoins, Director of Marketing for Pyramid Breweries. DNA principal, Alan Brown, says, "Pyramid's commitment to consumer research and their brand is important to us. With so many craft brewery brands around, our challenge is to develop a unique and distinct position for Pyramid." Hoins added, "The consumer demographics for the beer category are very favorable over the next decade, and craft beers are now competing in the much larger `specialty beer arena' (which includes imports and domestic specialty beers, as well as craft brews). The winning craft beers in the market will be those that deliver high quality craft brewed products with a strong consumer brand proposition." Martin Kelly, President and CEO of Pyramid Breweries commented, "Strengthening our brand positioning, along with increased consumer communication, and our plans to expand our Alehouse Division will generate more excitement and exposure for our brands with consumers. DNA's creative insight and approach to brand development will be critical to us in strengthening our position in today's competitive local markets."