Purple Beverage Co. has signed up Northeast Beverage Co. in a deal that will see it distributing the company's flagship beverage, Purple, throughout northern Connecticut and Rhode Island in the US.

Purple Beverage Co. founder and CEO Ted Farnsworth said: "Northeast Beverage Co. has existing relationships with key retail and on-premise accounts across the region. Coupled with our successful launch in other areas of the Northeast and our growing national presence, this additional distribution will bring us closer to our goals of becoming a national brand."

Northeast Beverage's general manager, Kevin O'Brien, added: "By adding Purple to our roster of well-respected brands, we will help not only the company to expand distribution of its functional beverage, Purple, but will also fill the growing demand for healthful beverages in the areas that we serve."

Northeast Beverage distributes beverages in northern Connecticut and Rhode Island. In addition to being Rhode Island's exclusive distributor of Coors and Red Bull and Connecticut's exclusive distributor of Red Bull, Northeast Beverage distributes a portfolio of beer, new-age beverages and hand-crafted soda brands, including Snapple and Muscle Milk.