Purple Beverage Company has agreed a deal with Atlas Distributing to distribute Purple Beverage's signature antioxidant beverage, Purple, throughout its Massachusetts coverage area.

"Having recently expanded our New England distribution to Northern Connecticut and Rhode Island, we were looking for a distributor to round out our coverage in the region," said Ted Farnsworth, CEO of Purple Beverage Company. "As a leading beverage distributor, Atlas was the logical choice as it has the relationships in place to bring Purple to key audiences in the region. Coupled with a growing presence in other areas of the Northeast and nationally, this additional distribution brings Purple one step closer to our goal of becoming the next national beverage brand."

"We've noticed dramatic growth in the market for healthier beverages and look forward to adding Purple - with its seven powerful antioxidants - to our lineup," said Joe Salois, president of Atlas Distributing. "Purple has already gained popularity in other areas of the Northeast, so we are confident that the product will also be well-received in our market."