Pernod-owned Absolut has been in dispute with Purity Vodka

Pernod-owned Absolut has been in dispute with Purity Vodka

Purity Vodka and Pernod Ricard-owned The Absolut Company have settled their legal differences following disputes over marketing claims and trademarks in the US and Sweden. 

Pernod filed a lawsuit in Sweden in July last year arguing that Purity should not be allowed to refer to itself as 'the world's most awarded ultra-premium vodka'. However Purity, which produces its small-batch vodka in Scania, southern Sweden, contested the action. 

In a separate move, Purity reportedly complained to the Stockholm district court that Absolut's use of the word 'purity' in an advertising campaign infringed upon its trademark. 

However, in identical statements last week, Purity and Pernod said: “Both parties have now withdrawn their claims in these court cases.”

The companies added: “The settlement means that Purity Vodka can continue its use of the trademark Purity Vodka, and that both parties freely may use the word 'purity' as an expression to characterise a quality in marketing.” 

Full details of the settlement were not disclosed. 

Last month, Pernod launched a cherry flavoured variant of Absolut in the UK