According to a poll conducted by OMD Snapshots for the UK magazine, Marketing, some 70% of people in the UK believe there should be a watershed for TV advertising of alcohol.

However, the poll indicated widespread support for alcohol advertising on TV, with only 11% of 1,329 people polled saying that TV advertising of alcohol should be banned.

The poll comes amid growing calls for tighter controls on advertising in the UK, as in some other European countries. Last week, Ireland's Health Ministry announced that it was considering measures to control alcohol advertising in a bid to combat alcohol abuse. The measures being discussed include a total ban on spirits advertising, health warnings on all alcohol campaigns, a watershed for TV advertising and a ban on cinema advertising to under-18s.

This week finally saw the formal end of tobacco advertising in the UK which was viewed by health lobby groups as the culmination of many years of work. In spite of the clear differences between alcohol and tobacco, many believe that the alcohol industry will increasingly be subject to the kind of pressure and lobbying by health groups as the tobacco sector has faced for many years.