Protein Waters Skin Maintenance range claims to boost hair, skin and nail health

Protein Water's Skin Maintenance range claims to boost hair, skin and nail health

A UK protein beverage company has identified "athleisure beauty and glowing skin" as the biggest trend of 2018 as it launches a line of protein-rich collagen water.

Protein Water Co said today that its new Skin Maintenance range will meet growing consumer demand for collagen and its supposed benefits to hair, nail and skin health. The company said it wanted to "[harness] protein for beauty benefits, broadening appeal for the product" and tap into the "athleisure" style promoted by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian.

The 50cl Skin Maintenance range comes in two flavours - Apple & Strawberry and Purple Grape - and each bottle contains 10g of collagen blended with water. It has no added sugar and will retail for GBP2.35 per bottle (US$3.20), Protein Water Co said.

The range is for shoppers wanting a "quick and easy all-natural collagen protein product to boost their skin, hair and nails, as well as mainstream consumers looking to harness the health, beauty and lifestyle benefits of collagen", the company added. 

According to Protein Water, collagen is a protein that gives the skin strength and elasticity as well as replacing dead skin cells and keeping joints and tendons healthy.

Not everyone agrees that collagen in beverages can boost health. The makers of Collagin, a gin that contains the protein, were warned by UK standards body the Portman Group last year for making claims that the spirit had therapeutic qualities or could help with the consumer's appearance.

Protein Water Co also produces the Muscle Maintenance range of beverages, launched in September last year.

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