Seville based Coca - Cola bottler Rendelsur has just declared year 2000 profits of € 27.3m, up 138% on 1999.

A great proportion of the increased profit for the company, controlled by the Mora Figueroa family, comes from the sale of its old Seville factory last year. Pre-tax profits were up 111% to € 55m but as much as € 26.8m came from the sale of the former bottling plant.

Turnover was up 6.5% to € 425m, which more or less matched the 5.5% increase in litres of soft drinks that left the factory gates.

Operating profit was down 8.5% at € 40.1m but the fall is hard to analyse due to a change in the amortisation policy during the year.

The Market for Soft Drinks in Western Europe