Waldemar Behn's Dooley's White Chocolate with Wild Berries

Category - Spirits, liqueurs

Available - From this month

Location - Denmark, Germany and through Travel Retail in “most border shops and some airports”, according to Behn

Price - SRP of EUR10-11 (US$11-12)

German spirits maker Waldemar Behn has launched an extension to its Dooley's Original Cream Liqueur range.

Dooley's White Chocolate with Wild Berries is a blend of Dutch cream, white chocolate and vodka. It will be launched next week at the Tax Free World Exhibition in Cannes, France.

Waldemar Behn will also be showcasing new flavours in its Danzka vodka range at the Travel Retail show. Behn acquired vodka brand Danzka from Belvedere in 2013 for EUR19.4m.